Retirement isn't what it used to be. In many ways, it's better. People are living longer and enjoying healthier and more active retirement years. On the financial side, however, trends are not as positive. For a combination of reasons, the goal of a financially secure retirement is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

Retirement used to be a relatively short period of ten years or less. Now a 20-, 30-, or in some cases, even a 40 year retirement isn't out of the question. A longer and more active retirement requires greater financial resources. Underestimating your retirement needs now can put a crimp in your future retirement lifestyle. Basing your planning on a projected retirement span that is too short can put you at risk of outliving your resources.


People used to rely on Social Security benefits to see them through retirement. You shouldn't. While the current average monthly Social Security benefit places a retiree somewhat above the federal "poverty level," Soclal Security certainly won't support the retirement most of us dream of. At best, you can depend on Social Security to provide a basic safety net.

And, these days, fewer companies provide pension plans for their employees and people change jobs more often than in the past, making it less likely that they will qualify for a significant employer pension. Without a pension, how will you finance your retirement? To a large extent, the answer is up to you.

We can show you how to take charge of your future by beginning to plan for your retirement now.

Retirement planning services offered:
• Create, review and analyze your retirement goals.
• Design a new or modify an existing plan to maximize your tax benefits.
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